Social Justice Final Essay

Final Essay


  1. Journalists Shape the Protest: An Analysis of Photos from Protests

“As a journalist, we have a responsibility to tell the truth. To be well informed of the situation. To be fair in how we tell this story. I implore all who decide to pick up their cameras and join us to be safe, while also being fearless. And respect the humanity of the people you capture. This is a human rights issue; don’t forget the human while chasing ‘the shot.’”

— JD Barnes, @jdthecombo

Select three photos from one movement’s protest events from three different sources and use them for your analysis. You must also use three articles to support your points.



  1. 1100 words typed, double-spaced, paginated.
  2. A title page with a title that clearly identifies the topic of the paper, your name, date and the word count.
  3. Use at least three article sources.
  4. Works cited page with all sources listed in MLA format. Use this site to make sure you have the proper format:
  5. An introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement. You must also have an appropriate conclusion.




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