Social injustice treatment

Description and Objectives: Builds upon the rhetoric, reading, and writing concepts introduced in English Composition I by having students compose inquiry-driven research projects. In their research process, students find and select the most appropriate sources to address research questions that are intended for a discourse community. Students integrate sources meaningfully for support and present their findings via the forms of media and genre that suit the project’s objectives. • Practice writing as a process involving inquiry, research, feedback, and revision

Analyze a rhetorical situation within a discourse community • Identify an issue relevant to a discourse community, a research question, a research plan, and digital and/or print media and genre(s) in which to present research findings to an audience • Assess the feasibility of the research inquiry • Build a body of research in the various stages of the research process

• Evaluate the credibility of a variety of sources • Analyze arguments presented in sources • Develop research-supported arguments that address an issue relevant to a discourse community • Use responses from instructor(s) and peers as part of the revision and editing process • Create researched print and/or digital texts that respond to rhetorical situations • Use suitable methods of citation


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