social and political final assignment (kymilca)

-This assignment consists of 3 questions, and you should answer all 3 of them. Your answers are limited to 1-page each, single-spaced.
-you may work directly in the Word document or PDF, or whatever format you want. It doesn’t matter, so long as the writing is clear and easy to read.
-you should not use direct quotations from any website or from the class notes in your answers or from Kymlicas text. You need to put the answers in your own words.

Now the questions

1. Kymlicka argues that the health and stability of modern societies depend not only on the justice of our institutions, but on the qualities and attitudes of citizens. In what follows, a) elaborate the virtues of good citizenship, according to Kymlicka, and then b)explain how citizenship theory, and in particular the move from a vote-centric to a talk-centric approach, can enrich and expand on the idea of equality in a multicultural liberal democracy. (30 marks)

2. Kymlicka argues that, under certain conditions, granting minority rights is consistent with liberal culturalism. However, some minority practices conflict with liberal rights (e.g. arranged marriages). In what follows, a) elaborate the connections between liberal culturalism and minority rights, and then b) answer the following question: should the state endorse or permit those practices that are at odds with its explicit principles of equality? Why or why not? Argue for your view. (35 mark)

3. Martha Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach tells us that if we care about treating allcitizens with equal concern and respect, then we need to focus on what people are able to do. First, a) elaborate the main principles of the Capabilities Approach, and then b) explain in what way focusing on capabilities results in equality for all citizens, and finallyc) if you had to pick, which of the human capabilities are most important to a well-functioning democracy, and why? Argue for your view. (35 mark)

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