Sexual orientation & Mating

Please complete work on the document titled, “Worksheet” and read/watch the required reading or video that’s needed to answer the questions. Please read the document, “Fredrick-MatingHandbook” and provide detailed answers to the questions pertaining to that section. Please look up things on google scholar if needed. Then watch Part 1 & 2 of the 20/20 Videos & answer the questions thoroughly. Then watch the Gedlinske * Bisexuality: The Invisible Letter “B” video & answer the questions thoroughly. PLEASE keep the original formatting in the Worksheet document as this provides clarity and organization for the work, thank you! The Buss-Schmitt (Sexual Strategies Theory) and Psych344-Lectures5-SociosexualitySexOrientation documents are provided as additional resources so that you can make more connections in your answers (Please use them).

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