Serial killer

A standard essay will critically examine the historical nature of the crime. In this section you will use:
• Academic quality sources (government statistics and publications, journal articles, books, the course textbook and appropriate credible newspapers and web sites) to examine
• You must apply criminological theories discussed in class into the assignment to identify:
o Causes of the crime:
• The assignment will be 1,500- 2000 words in length (not including title page and references section). You will lose 5% of your total mark for every 100 words under 1500 and 5% for each missing ACADEMIC source and citation. If missing several citations or critical citations, the paper will receive a grade of 0%, any cut and paste work, even if you change around a few words is plagiarism and will not be tolerated. All plagiarism is subject to academic regulations and penalties. Learn how to paraphrase. “I didn’t know that was not allowed is NOT an acceptable excuse!”


You will be expected to demonstrate and apply the skill of analytic reasoning. This involves researching your chosen issue/ criminal by reading, analyzing and citing articles, publications, journals and/or books. You must use APA citation style, including in-text citations. All sources of information that you use must be credited and cited in the reference list (bibliography).

Do not use Cut and Paste

The direct and unedited import of information from other sources must be avoided (DO NOT USE CUT AND PASTE) unless it is clearly referenced and cited as a quotation. Failure to do will be regarded as plagiarism. Plagiarism will be treated as a matter of Academic Misconduct and you will receive a mark of ZERO and face disciplinary action at the Program level.
Watch for Excessive quotations

If more than 15% of your paper (100 words) consists of quotations, you will receive significant deductions. All quotations must be relevant to making a point, short and the best way to make a point.
Checklist for success

o Do you have a title page with your names, student numbers, date, and title?
o Is your introductory paragraph clear, direct and on point?
o It should identify the topic, the issue, the theories to be discussed and the findings / conclusion of your paper.
o Does your paper flow well and is it logical?
o Have you used at appropriate sources using APA citations?
o Do you have a full and complete reference page?
o Are your citations all credible?
o Is all work appropriately cited?
o Have you quoted material that needs quotes?
o Have you incorporated appropriate theories into your work ?
o Do you have a strong conclusion?
o Have you hit the word count?
o Did you review your Safe assign report and consider its findings?

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