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Comments on the final paper in DBA 806—100

Sadoc, you did a REMARKABLE job with your White paper on DAKOKOO Distribution Corporation delivery challenges for Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Target stores. I am out of words to tell you about your excellence. You are an EXEMPLARY SCHOLAR!

“Comprehensive and systematic Management Information System (MIS) auditing helps organizations determine the effectiveness of security and controls for their information systems. An MIS audit identifies all the controls that govern individual information systems and assesses their effectiveness. Control weaknesses and their probability of occurrence will be noted. The results of the audit can be used as guidelines for strengthening controls, if required.

Systems analysis requires an organization to analyze problems it will try to solve with information systems. It includes defining a problem, identifying its causes, specifying the solution, and identifying information requirements that the system solution must meet. Systems analysis requires determining if the solution is feasible from a financial, technical, and organizational standpoint. Systems design shows how the system will fulfill the objective of the systems analysis. It is the plan or model for the system that serves as a blueprint and consists of all the specifications that give the system its form and structure. The specifications outline managerial, organizational, and technological components of the system solution. When an information system fails to work properly or costs too much to develop, companies may not realize any benefit from their information system investment, and the system may not be able to solve the problems for which it was intended. Good project management is essential for ensuring that systems are delivered on time, on budget, and provide genuine business benefits”. Laudon & Laudon/2020.

You are a first-class scholar! You will do exceedingly well in this program. Good luck with the rest of your courses in this DBA program.

**You utilized an enormous number of fantastic references—–NOTEWORTHY**

Dr. Sam


Final Paper/Project—–DBA 807



For this final project, you are encouraged to think both practically and academically. So, in your paper you might evaluate the impact of a particular law on a specific organization, create better processes for legal compliance, or imagine your own business and select an appropriate legal form. At the same time, you will ground all your suggestions in business law, regulations, and accepted practice.


Course objectives covered in this project include CO 1, CO 2, CO 4, CO 5, CO 8



Task: Write a research paper of between 2000 and 2800 words (8 to 10 pages) that incorporates a major topic from the course and is written to provide guidance for an organization.


Topic: The topic should be related to a key issue of one (or more) of the four following categories:


  1. Business law
  2. Employment law
  3. Labor law
  4. International law


Academic Support: Your paper should draw from a minimum of 10 credible sources.


Process and Deliverables: There are two steps to the final project process.

  • Step 1: You are required to get your topic and approach approved by your mentor by the end of Week 6.


  • Step 2: You are required to submit your finished paper to your mentor by the end of Week 8.




  • Your paper should tie together best practices, pertinent law and statutes, legal thinking, legal compliance, and organizational mission.


  • Be sure to consider both ethical and cultural issues. For example:


  • What is the value of observing ethical rules in accomplishing this goal?
  • How can you ensure access for all cultural/ethnic groups to the results of your improvements?


  • Choose an organization you are familiar with, but be sure to change the name. Or create an organization that fits your purpose.


  • Develop a plan to accomplish [your chosen topic] for this organization; be sure to demonstrate your familiarity with the pertinent legal issues.


  • Your paper should be well organized and well written, with proper grammar and punctuation.


  • Your paper should include a minimum of 10 references in proper APA format.


Suggested Topics


Policies and Strategies


  • Institute better safety practices.
  • Develop legal strategies for an ethical and legally compliant workplace.
  • Develop approaches to encourage or leverage diversity.
  • Create a sexual harassment policy and complaint procedures.
  • Create a privacy policy.
  • Develop better union-management processes (domestic or foreign).
  • Create a strategy for expanding the organization (or creating one) to do international business.


Legislation and the Workplace


  • You can also research and evaluate any specific legislation and assess its impact on the workplace; for example: Title VII, ADA, ADEA, OSHA, NLRA, LMRA, LMRDA, FCPA, whistleblower laws, Sarbanes-Oxley.


Legislation and the Workplace


  • Create a business (choose a form of business).


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