self regulation and emotional expression in child development

Read and respond the the following case studies. For each case, it is expected that you respond with at least two full paragraphs. Be sure to cite your sources if needed.
Case Study # 1 : Self – Regulation
At 8 weeks, Simon had been in Donetta’s home family child care for two weeks. He seemed to like her well enough, but sudden movements or loud noises sent him screaming. He had trouble falling asleep and awoke screaming. Once he started crying, he couldn’t seem to stop. If Donetta failed to anticipate when he would need to eat, and he started crying from hunger, he just couldn’t get organized enough to suck effectively from the bottle. At 8 weeks, Simon had almost no skills at self-regulation and found it hard to utilize Donetta’s attempts to help.
How can Donetta help Simon learn to use some self-regulation?
Case study# 2: Emotional Expression
Two-year old Margaret loves to play a game with her teacher where they mimic each other’s facial expressions. The teacher adds wonderful language to this game, “This is my happy face!” or “This is my sad face!” When Margaret’s father comes to get her at the end of the day, she is standing in front of a mirror making these faces at herself. Her father angrily says, “Stop looking in the mirror. Don’t be so full of yourself!”
What can her teacher tell the father about Margaret’s new learning about emotional expression?

only cite Wittmer, D. S.,