School Diversity and The Progressive Era

Discuss any view that he espouses with which you disagree. Provide a rationale to support your response.
dq2-“Schooling and African-Americans” Please respond to the following:Review Du Bois’ Primary Source Reading “Of Booker T. Washington and Others” (Tozer, Chapter 6) and discuss your agreement or disagreement with Du Bois’ view of Washington’s approach to advancing educational opportunities for African-Americans. Provide a rationale and specific examples to support your response.
From the e-Activity, describe at least one program that is having success promoting academic success, graduation rates, and college preparation for African-American males. Provide the Website(s) and any article you referenced in your discussion, using the appropriate APA style
dq3-“Schooling and American Indians”  Please respond to the following:
Consider that American society has historically held that the “melting pot,” which is founded on the premise that minority cultures can and should assimilate into the broader dominant American culture, is the desired approach to different cultures. Should assimilation be the goal of education in a multicultural society? Why, or why not? Is it possible to achieve equal opportunity for all? Explain your answer.