Scenario Research Paper in England’s criminal Justice system

I find myself in England as a criminal.

I am a US Citizen that is travelling to England.

I arrive in England. I commit drug smuggling at London Heathrow Airport and I am caught by English law enforcement.

I do not have diplomatic immunity and England is stalling negotiations with the US State Department regarding my release and subsequent punishment.

Describe step by step England’s criminal justice system that I experience.

Explain what crime I committed. How was I caught?

Explain the England’s specific law regarding drug smuggling.

Explain my first contact with law enforcement, the ensuing arrest, and the ordeal of English law enforcement questioning me.

Explain the detention process I experience as a foreign national.

Explain the judicial process I experienced.

Explain the corrections and incarceration process I will probably experience.

Analyze the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in England.

Summarize the human rights perspective of how I was treated through the eyes of the English perspective.

Sources/Works Cited:

At least 8 peer reviewed sources/articles from 2017-2021.

You may use .gov sources as your recent, relevant, and academic sources as long as the writing is academic and has identified authors.

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