RP1 Proposal – RP1 4

Proposal: Do some brainstorming to arrive at a possible focus for your work. See the possible topics in the RP1 folder. They are not there to give you specific choices, but to assist in your own brainstorming.
1. Develop a single research question. Example: Is ESPN and our obsession with sports turning us into fanatic consumers like those in Brave New World? OR Has the internet just turned us into entertainment junkies like those in Brave New World? OR Has the family lost its significance and is it on its way to disappearing like in Brave New World? Your question will eventually result in an argumentative thesis of comparison when you outline the paper.
2. Then write a paragraph or two explaining your interest in this focus.
3. Make a research plan. Specifically, what do you need or hope to find? What questions need to be answered? What kinds of sources will you seek out? Be specific. What help do you need? This portion of the process is where you shape the goals of your paper and we help you refine them.