Rhetorical Analysis Essay on Article “Can Social Media be Saved” by Kevin Roose

Attached are 4 Files that will give you direction on how to write this Essay which is a Rhetorical Analysis on the article “Can Social Media be Saved”  by Kevin Roose. I have also attached the website on top where you can find these articles on line.  I have  attached the directions/Rubric for this project along with how to write a rhetorical analysis essay by Jack Caulfield.  I have attached an example rhetorical analysis essay by Kelly Saelee on this article.

Your goal is to come up with an original analysis about this article or paraphrase if need to.  Please follow Kelly Saelee’s format on how she followed the outline and direction on how to and what to expect from this analysis.   550-750 words


Please include summary from the text source (article)  and please cite works if using outside source information.



Is the original text included and/or accessible to the reviewer?

  • Is there a summary of the source text in the final document?
  • Does the artifact define audience and outline the goals and strategies used in the

source text?

  • Does the document speak to and appropriately define the rhetorical and literary tools used to analyze the source text? Logos, Pathos, Ethos
  • Does the document include varied levels of support in its analysis of the source text,

definitions, quotations and so on?

  • Does the analysis consider alternate readings of the source text and attempt to justify


  • Does the work support the overall effectiveness of the source text through its analysis and discussion?
  • Does the analysis appropriately establish a knowledge base—personal, general and

sourced information?

  • Are word choices and other levels of mechanics and grammar appropriate?

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