Retail Management: Short response to “Online Shopper Lack of Availability”

Read the attached research report, read the Executive Summary (pp. 1-10) and the detailed section on Shopper Reactions to Non-Online Availability or “NOLA” (pp. 20-40).
“The shopper behavior section outlines the 5 ultimate responses in purchase behavior to NOLA, examining these across five countries and six categories. It then examines 3 psychological costs of switching, showing how these combine to predict shopper reactions. Finally, it identifies three online shopper types and differences in their switching behavior.”
After reading the selections from this report, write a short response (maximum 300 words for each questions) that addresses two of the following topics/questions:
1. From the Shopper Reactions to NOLA, why do you think there is so much variation by country (Exhibit 24)? How are those differences explained?
2. From the Executive Summary, does the extent of NOLA surprise you? Why do you think it varies by country (Exhibit 4)? Why do you think it differs by age (Exhibit 5 and 21) and/or by race/ethnicity (Exhibit 22)?