Retail Inventory Management Discussions

– Please answer the following two question one by one
-Please read/watch all the sources I provided first
-Please use the most basic wording!!!!!!!!! (super basic wording!!!)
– This is more like a discussion, you need to write it down as a spoken lanauage, do NOT be too academically
– Do NOT use any slang
After writing down the first version, I will provide you another people’s writing, you need to respond to his writing not limit to 100 words. So basically, you only need to write about 400ish (probably 200 for each, not limit – just suggestion) words for the following two questions.

A current trend in retail inventory management is to minimize, if not altogether eliminate inventory. Tying this trend back to our earlier topics on Lean Management and Quality Management, this discussion intends to link the two videos included here with the pros and cons of this movement. As you watch the videos on Nordstrom Local and Wholefoods, please consider the following:

1. Why is Nordstrom Local initiating a new business model centered around inventory-free retailing? How does this relate to lean management? In what aspects of quality does this approach enhance? What are some potential pitfalls?

2. What is OTS? In what ways is this approach to inventory management similar to the Toyota Production System? How is this supposed to enhance quality in Wholefoods’s operations? What went wrong?

You should post on whether continuously driving inventory lower in the retail supply chain is a good idea. Use terms from Topic 13 to justify your answers. Please respond to posts made by other group members.

Thank you!

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