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Focus on leaders of today and what is needed for these leaders to use data to move their organization forward.
Student post down below:
Marr (2017) explains that “…data can help people in the organization make better decisions” and “…should be at the heart of decisions making in all businesses…”. Strategic planning is an effective strategy for helping organizational leaders determine what areas need to be improved, what information needs to be analyzed and how that information will be utilized. According to Guenole, Ferrar and Feinzig (2017), identifying those areas will be useful in measuring financial stability and performance; both of which will increase organizational success, profitability, and sustainability.

Over the years, the Red Cross has begun using data to identify areas that need assistance and to expand its service regions (The American Red Cross, 2017). Utilizing data from Facebook has proved to be an effective source of information for Red Cross workers. In addition to identifying areas of need and service region expansions, Facebook has been instrumental in helping the organization track the effects of disasters, locate those in need, identify the need for additional supports and programs and expedite assistance.