Research Paper Summarizing Instruction

( Research Paper Details )
The student will be expected to write a research paper summarizing Instruction (Consideration 6) and Resources That Support Instruction (Consideration 7) highlighted by Lalor.

The paper must be a minimum of three pages (750 words), double spaced. The student will highlight the Three Phases of Assessment, as highlighted by Nelson and Bailey (2007, Chapter Four).

The student is to include a scholarly article from the ESC Library, to support their discussion on the importance of assessment with fidelity.

The paper must be a minimum of two pages (500 words), double spaced. The student will utilize correct APA formatting including headings.

It is expected that the papers are complete with references listed on a References page.

Papers must be submitted throughout the term so that the student can benefit from feedback. T

he instructor will not accept all of the assignments in one sum at the end of the term as feedback and discussion are a criterion of this course.

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