Research paper comparing the health of the United State and Japan. Why is the health in the US declining, while Japan is ranked as top 10 in health? What cultural aspects contribute to the health or detriment to health in these countries.

RP3: Research Project Expanded Outline Rough Draft
Review work that you have submitted for RP1 and RP2.
Take some time to map out all of the important things you’ve learned about the topic associated with the subjects/examples that you have researched and learned about to this point in the semester.
Doing a mental map or at least writing some free-hand notes about your topic will help you to identify areas of your research that need more support.
Conduct more research, using academic and high quality popular sources.
Critically think about your sources of information and try to prefer more academic primary and secondary sources.
Remember that you must have both a at least one non-Western and a Western cultural subject included in your work.
you may exclude Western examples, if you prefer
Consider the following basic outline as a guide for the minimum section requirements that you will need to provide for your RP4 Project Slide Presentation:

Introduction of topic and chosen cultural including context, history, current issues, and anything else to set up your research discussions
Thesis Statement: Main argument that provides introduction to the themes that will provide support for your claims.
Subject/example #1
Subject/example #2
Subject/example #3
Conclusions with defense of thesis statement and discussion of additional learning results
References cited (will need a minimum of ten sources: 3 from RP1, 4 from RP2, plus additional 3 of your choice; MLA or APA bibliographic citation format)

Consider that RP4 will require you to finish your writing work and also prepare a minimum of seven slides, with images/icons/symbols/charts/infographics on each slide.
Your slides will require in-text citation and references cited using a bibliographic page
You will be required to reference at least 10 sources: three popular sources, four academic sources (primary or secondary) and three additional sources of your choice
Additional sources may be obtained from popular sources, course materials, documentaries, or any other sources as they relate to your chosen topic.
Prepare a rough draft using the outline above to include at least one paragraph for each of the outline levels.
Each paragraph must include two or more instances of cited information (direct quotes and paraphrased), demonstrating a synthesis of research from different sources to support your ideas and what you write about your topic.
Use correct APA or MLA in-text and bibliographic citations.
Proofread your work carefully to eliminate typos, run-on sentences, fragment sentences, awkward syntax, poor word choice, idiomatic clichés, incorrect spelling or capitalization, etc.

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