Research about a compony and answer the fowling question about it. Saudi Aramco is the company that I chooses

Each student is to choose a Fortune 500 company to write about for their corporate profile project. You will be assigned a total of four modules for this project. The collective goal of the modules and the project is to inform your reader about your
chosen company within the context of the module elements.
You are required to use (and cite) to at least three (3) independent sources (not including the textbook or corporate website) for each of the four
modules of this project.
You will initially submit the papers for review in sequence as they are assigned. Your ultimate goal will be to link the segments together as a
coherent four-part profile that you will then resubmit at the end of the semester.
Your biggest challenge should be to be concise enough to
satisfy the requirements of the paper without being overly verbose.
Module I:
Introduction: What does the company do? How does it add value? Who are its customers? What kind of business is it –
does it primarily produce goods or services? In what industry does it operate? What is it known for?
I want you to do Module 1 for this order ok only.
also for the citation using APA style