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Initial Post (Due – Friday, Oct. 8th by 11:59pm)
Find, share and discuss at least one contemporary example that can shed light on the lingering aspects of minstrelsy (what W.T. Lhamon calls the “cycles of minstrel transgression”).Response (Due – Sunday, Oct. 10th by 11:59pm)Review posts provided by one of your colleagues (no more than two responses allowed to a single student). Using their examples, speculate on how these contemporary artists use their work as a tool for advocacy or critique, and/or as an expression of their own cultural experiences.
Lhamon Jr., W.T. “Ebery Time I Wheel About I Jump Jim Crow: Cycles of Minstrel Transgression from Cool White to Vanilla Ice.” Inside the Minstrel Mask, edited by Annemarie Bean, James V. hatch, Brooks McNamara. Hanover: Wesleyan University Press, 1996.