Reforming Public education in the United States

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Time spent in the classroom is simply not enough for teachers to instruct every student, to teach them what they need to know (Lynch, 2017)

it is time to modify teacher education to reflect the demands of the modern K – 12 classrooms. (Lynch, 2017)

Lynch, M. (2017, April 3). 18 Reasons the U.S. Education System is Failing. The Edvocate.

actively supporting the social and emotional development of students is not an innate skill. Veteran teachers are not used to some of these practices, and many new teachers didn’t learn these skills in their teacher-preparation programs (Will, 2020)

Will, M. (2020, April 8). The Success of Social-Emotional Learning Hinges on Teachers; Too often, teachers don’t get the right training and support. Gale in Context.

One solution for students could be more one-on-one time with psychologists and counselors. (Walker, Alvarez, Long, Litvinov, 2018)

Walker, T., Alvarez, B., Long, C., & Litvinov, A. (2018, August 3). 10 Challenges Facing Public Education Today. NEA.