reflection paper



6 page reflection paper,

minimum of 3 scholarly references that integrates what you have learned in this course and how you will apply multiple concepts to your practice of effective leadership in the future.



Class book

Facione, P. & Gittens, C. (2016). Think Critically (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson


Class description- Analysis and Decision Making

Identify quality information, data and research that inform decision making and strategy. Students will gain skills in interpreting data and develop critical thinking around key issues in order to aid in analysis, explore statistical models and emerging data trends. Topics will include data analytics, overview of statistical models, data collection methods and critical interpretation of information.


Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate the differences between quality research versus wisdom literature.
  • Critique and evaluate research findings and recommendations.
  • Communicate criticisms of scholarly work in a professional and clear manner.
  • Synthesize data findings and identify resources to supplement decision making.
  • Create frameworks for decision making that include systems thinking and analysis.


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