Recipe Analysis Assignment


This assignment, students will analyze their recipes from the Recipe Creation assignment. They will take their original recipe that the standardized recipe was based on and prepare it to look be able to look at different factors in recipe preparation:

Were the procedures easy to follow and were they translated well in your standardized recipe?
Were any procedures left out when preparing the recipe that needed to be included in your standardized recipe?
Are ingredient amounts correct and easily measurable and do they translate well when upscaling them in your recipe?
How was the quality of the finished product?
Students may work in groups or individually to complete this assignment. The recipe they create MUST be a recipe that was created in the Recipe Creation Assignment. If you are working in a group, choose one group members recipe, you do not need to create each students recipe.

Follow this link for instructions to sign-up for your group: If you are working individually, you do not need to sign-up in a group. These groups have a MAXIMUM of THREE people, and you may work with students in other HM 497 Assignment groups.

**If you are not able to complete the cooking part of the assignment, please reach out to your instructor for a modification to the assignment**

How to Complete:

Cook your original recipe from the Recipe Creation assignment.
Provide evidence of cooking this recipe either through pictures or video
Create a Food Quality Evaluation Tool to be able to rate the finished product. This should be something that you would hand to a guest in your foodservice establishment.
Reflect on the process by answering the questions listed above in the description
Include what went well, what you would change in your standardized recipe, and what could be improved in your recipe or menu item
For your deliverable, include:
Evidence of cooking the recipe
Food Quality Evaluation Tool
Written Reflection (300-500 words)
Make sure to use citations
Where did you get your recipe from?
Did you utilize different Food Quality tools to create your own?
Any other information you may have used to complete this assignment needs to be cited.

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