Reading Critical Analysis – Pinn Chapter 8

Chapter 8 “The question of gender”
300 word critical review
Specifically, your response should include:
Your general summary of what the reading says. Don’t rehearse its every detail but instead risk summarizing what you think is its overall meaning and why the author sees it as important. Before you say what you think about it, first show you know what the author is trying to say and why. This should include one very clear sentence that states your version of the author(s)’ thesis or theses(or “main idea”); and this is to be set within a paragraph or two of your general summary. This challenging task of summary is often avoided by students simply restating every single point. Even though you are summarizing the author’s point, this is not an objective or “neutral” task: you are making a decision, using your own analysis, to conceptualize the whole assignment, using your own words, thoughts, and summary.
Your response and/or critique of the reading. This is not the same thing as the first point. Rather, in the first you should have charitably stated what you think the author was trying to say, apart from your opinion about it. And in this second point, now that you have proven that you understand the overall thesis, you should now say what you think about it. This can include stating problems or contradictions, affirmations, qualifications, and ways in which the ideas do or do not translate to our current situation.