Read the following two excerpts and answer the questions specifically mentioned.

Read the excerpts below (attached) and answer the following questions in 100-150 words each.
For the 1st excerpt answer these questions:
(a) What period of time does the article imply becomes too long to monitor and correct a project that has gone off the tracks? Why?
(b) Were you surprised at the critical questions suggested to managers for their PMs?
(c) Describe what a low level of time spent on a crucial task may indicate. What problems might a high level indicate?
For the 2nd excerpt answer these questions:
(a) Are each of the scope changes one of the three basic causes of change in projects? If so, which one and why?
(b) Would you recommend any of the go/no-go control types for BWNS? If so, how would you suggest they implement these controls?
(c) Jacqueline is trying to solve two problems: Avoiding conflicts with clients and learning about potential problems early on when they can be solved. What would you suggest for each one from what she has learned?