Queer sexualities in Beloved by Toni Morrison

I have been writing my thesis on Queer (or non-heteronormative) sexualities for a few weeks, but i would like a different insight. I want to see (and maybe use) the same topic but written from another’s perspective and perhaps from a different angle.

For this paper I would like you to examine Beloved and the ghost’s connection to sexualities that are not the “norm”; You can discuss the ghost’s sexual intimicy with Sethe, the Ghost’s sexual assault/rape of Paul D. and that the ghost embodies the following taboos:
1. Slavery
2. Murder (of children)
3. Incest
4. Paraphilia
5. Rape

Since i do not want an entire different chapter, i would like it if you could use Juda Bennet’s The Queer Pleasure of Ghosts and Lois Tyson’s definition of Queer sexuality.

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