Public Policy on Prostitution in Wisconsin

Masters in Criminal Justice

Class: Law & Public Policy


Assignment: Law & Public Policy Term Paper


Paper Requirements:


I expect you to draw on course readings and outside research to answer the questions posed by the assignment and to support your contentions. Do not rely on personal experience to support your work, as this makes for weak arguments (hence my recommendation to chose a state other than the one in which you live). Remember to write the paper for a general audience, so don’t refer to the class or to specific ideas without explaining them first.


The completed paper should be about eight double-spaced pages in length and be accompanied by an appropriate bibliography. It should be submitted in MS Word or in a form MS Word can recognize (like a .rtf file). Please use APA format for in-text citations and for the reference page (but there’s no need for an abstract, running title, or any of else that APA usually requires). There is no need for a cover page, just please put your name at the top of the paper along with a brief title.


Term Paper Instructions:


For this paper, you are being asked to analyze public policy on prostitution in one of the states. You may choose any of the states for this assignment.


  1. In terms of considering public policy on prostitution, first outline the way in which state law, both civil and criminal, seeks to regulate prostitution. Please cite both relevant statutory and case law in this analysis. Note the criminal penalties for each penal law violation for each party involved in prostitution and what it implies about how the state views the culpability of each of those parties. Note also whether the state has expanded prostitution law to cover human trafficking.


  1. Next, consider whether the law in the state you chose is fulfilling more of an instrumental or symbolic function, and the extent to which the law is reflecting a moral position and whose morality is embodied in the law.


  1. After addressing these, cover current law enforcement policy and practice on prostitution in the state you’ve chosen. What factors do you believe account for current law enforcement policy and what model (or combination of models) of public policy decision-making do you think best explains the policy? If possible, select a particular jurisdiction within the state and obtain information about the nature and extent of prostitution in that jurisdiction and the police department’s policy on enforcing prostitution laws, and consider whether there is a conflict between law enforcement policy and state law.


  1. Finally, consider what specific change(s), if any, would you recommend in the current law, both civil and criminal, and/or to law enforcement policy based on your analysis.