Public and economic policies that affect the environment

Objective: Interpret how public and economic policies affect the environment.

Mindset: Relate how policies effect our globe.

Our government supports protection of the environment through enactment of public laws and policies. You will examine some of these laws in this exercise.

Read Chapter 2 of the textbook by Wright & Boorse.
Write a 1-page double-spaced answer addressing the following points.
Name the two basic kinds of economic systems, explaining how they differ.
What conditions are necessary for a country to make progress in the development of human resources and produced assets?
What is the overall objective of environmental policy, and what are the objective’s two most central concerns?
What is the conclusion of careful studies regarding the relationship between environmental policies on the one hand, and jobs and the economy on the other hand?
How has the political scene affected environmental public policy in the last few years? Describe the roles of special interest groups and political parties.

Not titles, no headings, no theis or anything needed. Just the 1- page it asks for

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