PSY Discussion Board 6: Money and Happiness

Professor Instructions:


I want you to reflect on your beliefs about the relationship between money and happiness and answer the following question:


  1. Can money buy happiness?


  1. Then see what Daniel Gilbert, a social psychologist who wrote a popular book Stumbling on Happiness has to say about it. ( Link: )


  1. After reading the article change did your opinion change? if so, what do you agree and disagree about in the article?


Note to Writer:

  1. Please Feel free to give your personal view after reading the link.
  2. Please feel free to use the 2nd page for replying to the classmates post below do you agree or disagree with what they wrote about.


Classmate 1:

Elsie Tecalero


” I do believe money can buy you happiness but to a certain extent. Although it can buy you happiness for the short term or maybe even long term, it can not guarantee you happiness. When you have the money to pay off debt, loans, health care assistance/medication or even to buy whatever you wish for, it grants you happiness for that moment of time.

After reading this article by Daniel Gilbert my opinion has not changed but my reasoning and perspective, in the way of how money can buy you happiness, slightly changed. Gilbert states that giving back to others brings a person to feel happy about their decision. That money bringing happiness doesn’t always have to be about spending it on yourself but more so spending/giving to others. Just like how he stated an experiential purchase brings more happiness than a materialistic purchase. So overall I do agree with his reasoning.  ”


Classmate 2:

Tenzin Rinzin


” Happiness is a feeling that we experience for a variety of reasons. Many artifacts and materials can provide the joy that so many people want. Money can and has brought happiness to those who have lost it for many years. I believe money can buy happiness in a number of different ways and improves one’s standard of living, which will in turn lead to happiness. After reading Daniel article, I haven’t changed my mind on what I originally believed but It was informative to learn more about the different ways of how money can help you achieve happiness and how the emphasis was more on practice, such as delaying intake, which gives us a happiness boost due to the excitement. “

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