PSY 315 Week 6 Diversity Efforts

In chapter 6 of the textbook, it talks about the need for employment tests to be valid and fair to pass legal scrutiny. Also discussed were passing scores, rules of three, and banding and the flexibility it provides in choosing who gets hired reducing adverse impact.
Address the following three sets of questions please:
To increase diversity, it is often legal to consider race or gender as a factor in selecting employees. Although legal, do you think it is ethical that race or gender be a factor in making an employment decision? How much of role should this play…if any?
Is it ethical to hire a person with a lower test score because s/he seems to be a better personality fit for an organization?
If an I/O psychologist is employed by an organization that appears to be discriminating against an underrepresented group of individuals, is it ethical for this person to stay with the organization? What ethical obligations does this person have?
Use the following material to answer the questions. You may use additional academic/ scholarly articles as well. Please cite all resources using APA format[Michael_G._Aam… (Textbook Ch6: Evaluating Selection Techniques and Decisions)