Process Mining answer to three questions

The first process you are considering is hiring a new employee to work for your large company. To get started, you must:
a. List the activities that are likely to be recorded in a database related to hiring an employee.
b. Brainstorm what types of analyses you could perform by looking at the activities and time stamps for those activities. Suggest three analyses that you could perform if this data was collected and put into a process mining dashboard. As you consider the analyses, think about analyses that would be useful to internal and external auditors, the HR Department and other groups.
2. For the scenario in the first question, consider what additional data could be added to the basic process mining data set of transaction ID, activity description and time stamp to enhance your analyses. Identify three additional pieces of data that could be added to your process mining data set and briefly explain what additional analyses or insights you would gain by adding them.
3. Use the internet to find, or brainstorm on your own, three accounting scenarios in which process mining would be useful. Be specific in describing the data needed for creating the process mining dashboards. Identify how process mining could improve the situation
Cite 3 Sources and write in APA format
minimum of 1000 words