Prison Abolition

The purpose of this organized response is to outline:
• Your potential topic
• Your narrowed angle/approach to the topic
• The position you would like to take
• An acknowledgment of opposing views on your topic
Include the following in your topic proposal.
• Topic- What is the broad topic that you would like to work with?
• Narrowed Topic/Angle- What specific focus will you address on this topic?
• Position- What specific position will you take on the issue?
• Opposing Views- What are some views on this topic that oppose yours? Why is your
position stronger?
• Relevancy- Why does this topic matter? How does it relate to our course themes?
Preliminary Research-What sources have you consulted to choose your topic/position?
You must include two sources. You may cite the book as one of your sources.

Requirements and Considerations
• Approximately 250-300 words, not including your preliminary research.
• You must include research from our online library databases (2 minimum). You may
use the Points of View Reference Center.
• Your proposal should be convincing—help me to recognize why this is a worthwhile
• Please use proper MLA formatting, including spacing, margins, font, etc.

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