Principles of Digital Analysis

First: Download a free-imaging tool and install it on your computer. Image a hard drive/USB drive/Media to include the hash value. Provide a screenshot of your image or log file created once the image is completed.

After doing the above, answer/do the following questions/prompts:

Create a report of the media imaged that includes the screenshot, and specifically discusses the following:

Integrity of the evidence including a discussion regarding how you verified the integrity of the image created.
How did you verify that the imaging tool created the image? How would you test the tool prior to imaging the media or device? Why would you use this technique to test the tool?
Discuss the search technique used for finding documents. Describe a search strategy for the image you created that would find documents with the date “2020” on the device. Use this search strategy- how many total documents are there?
Discuss comparison methods used to examine the media image. What comparisons would you make in the image created to eliminate files without “2020” in them?
Format Requirements:

Paper must be double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font and 1” margins all around.
All APA 7th edition format requirements must be followed (cover page, in text citations, reference page). Refer to APA/UMGC – learning resources found in the content page of this course.
You must have resources to support your thoughts/opinions/information. These must be cited both in text as well as at the end of the document. Your paper should not contain direct quotes, sourced material must be paraphrased.

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