President Jefferson’s decision to pursue the Louisiana Purchase (thereby doubling the size of the new United States)

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Assignment: In this written assignment, you will:analyze and explain a crucial decision made by a United States leader or representative body and describe options for resolving that dilemma; describe/discuss consequences that evolved from the choice; describe and discuss the impact of this decision across the country’scultural spectrum (age, race, gender, economic status, religion, etc.);assessand evaluate whether the decision made and actions taken resolved the initial dilemma, or if additional predictable or unforeseen consequences resulting from this decision could have been improved upon or avoided.This exercise assesses your Critical Thinking, Communication, Social Responsibilityand Personal Responsibility skills.Assignment:(Choose ONEof the following topics)1.President Jefferson’s decision to pursue the Louisiana Purchase, OR2.Congress’ decision to go to war against great Britain in 1812Content:Your paper mustbe written entirely with supporting evidence from your text,largelyparaphrasedinformation, although limited direct quotesmay be used. Do not look online for ideas or assistance…this is mostoften the source of plagiarism!Textual evidencemust be includedin every body paragraphto supportyour point.You may not use any other written or online sources; your paper will be submitted into a plagiarism checking program to insure that you have not used other sources.Plagiarism, as outlined in your course syllabus, will result in a zerofor this assignment. Source informationfrom thetextbook used in your paper must be documented through parenthetical citationswithin your paper following any textual evidence that you have used. [Example: the parenthetical citation for information from page 100 of your book would be (Davidson 100]. Only the parenthetical citation is needed. No Works Cited page is required because you are only using your text.Mechanics:The assignment should be 500-800words*(3-4 pages) in lengthTyped, double-spaced, Times New Roman Font size 12, one-inch margins all around. Observe correct spelling, proper punctuation, appropriate sentence structure, etc. Organize your points of analysis and proceed through your explanation in a logical manner. Your writing should be concise but thorough.A sample first page will be providedso that you can see what your final essay should look like.Use the descriptive outline on the next page to organize and write your paper.*Note: Please make an effort not to exceed 800words. I realize that sometimes it is difficult to keep word count below such a strict level, so if you do exceed the maximum number of words, I will still accept your paper and there will be no penalty. I suggest that you carefully revise (and edit) your paper to make sure thatit is organized, concise and to the point.
First,decide which one of the topics you will write about:President Jefferson’s decision to pursue the Louisiana Purchase (thereby doubling the size of the new United States), ORCongress’ decision to go to war against Great Britain in 1812 (thereby placing a very young nation into conflict with a powerful European nation for the second time).Then,formulate a thesis statement based on your choice of topic and include it in your first paragraph.(See sample page)Part One: Critical ThinkingIdentifythe social, economic, and political factors leading up to this decision.Describethe dilemma that Jefferson faced in the first decision, or Congress faced in the second decision.Explainthe options available to either given the timing of the situation they faced.Part Two:Social ResponsibilityDescribe the impact this decision had on various groups in the United States: all citizens, soldiers in the military, men, women, children, slaves, immigrants, etc. What effect did either of the actions (the acquisition of land, or another war) have on these groups?Part Three: Personal ResponsibilityDescribe the consequences of the decision on the people and the United States of America.Evaluatewhether or not the decision made by either President Jefferson or Congress resolved the initial dilemma.Assesswhat either President Jefferson or Congress could have done differently in order to avoid or improvethe consequences from the decision they did make.

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