Present a Informative Speech to a Live Audience

Hello! I’m doing an informative speech for my communications class. the speech has to be 4-5 minutes long so the outline must have 4-5 minutes worth of information. (feel free to time yourself once the outline is completed). The topic I’d like to do is safety technology In cars such as cameras (backup cameras, blind-spot cameras, front and rear bumper cameras.) (first point). The 2nd point is convenience technology in cars such as infotainment systems, (the use of screens in cars and how it shows any data the driver would like to see.) the 3rd and final point I’d like is technology in the design of cars (such as the use of downspliter, spoilers, and canards.) I have provided the main topics, all that is left is to do a bit of research and provide examples in the template provided. As for the “speaker credibility” you may say ” I’m an aspiring technology major and anything technology-related excites me.”
Don’t worry about the visual aid, I will provide that based on the outline after it is completed! 🙂
You must use three additional primary sources. Any of the following sources are fine: newspapers, professional/trade/educational magazine articles, professional/trade/educational websites, books, people.
One source must be cited in the outline ( I will have to refer to it verbally)
sources can be in APA or MLA format, I prefer MLA because I think it’s easier. I also provided a link that will produce citations
If you have any questions, comments, and concerns please feel free to reach out!!! 😊