Poverty – Financial Assistance

This paper will allow the student to trace social services through the decades of United States History. The student will be able to see the changes in philosophy, approach, and attitude of the government through the laws and policies. The student will be able to examine how the laws have been affected the nature of the services and how organizations and programs have been created and changes over time.

Please choose of the below major services areas (Poverty – Financial Assistance) and research the pieces of legislation, laws, and policies on a Federal, State and Local level (if appropriate). Describe the program area and trace the development through the history of the country.
Your midterm should reflect scholarly research and proper citations. Please use APA style. The midterm should be no less than 10 pages in length, double spaced with no greater than one each margin on each page. There should be no less than 6 references, 2 of which may be internet websites. 4 or more may be newspaper articles, journals or references including the class textbook. Grading is based on content, application of material to course work and form and timeliness. The assignment is worth 40 % of your grade.

I uploaded the first 2 pages that I began the paper with, including life experiences, you may proofread or edit if necessary. Which leaves a total of 8 pages remaining to be completed. Thank you!

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