pop culture discussion

Your introduction asked you to identify your ultimate example of popular culture. This week, you will apply the concepts captured in “basic terms” that are important to consider when analyzing popular culture.
You’ve got some reading to do, and some film viewing, so let’s get to it:
Start by reading Module 2: Basic Terms. If you need a refresher, access the lecture by returning to the link on the homepage.
Next, let’s try “Putting Our Terms to the Test” by seeing how many applications we can come up with for a pop cult film phenomenon.
Specifically, we will analyze the opening film in the Twilight series. For a recap, return to the homepage and access Module 2: Putting Our Terms to the Test.
Your question for discussion asks you to amplify by telling us which of our basic terms makes your pop-culture example of choice most relevant as an illustration of popular culture theory.
Take your example of a cool “popular culture” artifact and explain how at least one of the following terms makes it more interesting or relevant. If you can apply more than one term in your analysis, please do!: