Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon PowerPoint
Government in the Comics.
1. Collect 12 political cartoons published within the past decade that are relevant to the government of the United States. These can address domestic or foreign policies or events. Southern politics are even better. You will probably find a large number of cartoons about Donald Trump. You could also use a president from the past. IN all of this, it will depend on your issue you want to highlight.
2. Record the date and where the cartoon was published.
3. Analyze the cartoon – describe what you see, why it is significant, and what the cartoon says
to you.
4. Presentation – Under the cartoon identify the date and source where the cartoon was published and your analysis (what do you think the cartoon is communicating, how is it relevant to American Government and your lives, why did you select this cartoon, what was the artist trying to communicate, etc.).

The power point presentation must be more than just straight forward, bulleted information. It MUST also include photos, political cartoons, your thoughts, predictions, etc. The more creative … the better the grade!

Be sure to cite all sources using APA (visit https://sites.umuc.edu/library/libhow/apa_examples.cfm) or MLA citations (visit www.citationmachine.net) if you do not you will receive a zero.

Ideas for your PowerPoint: https://www.isidewith.com/polls/domestic-policy. Locating political cartoons that touch on Constitutional issues get extra credit.

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