Policy Development Project

This will be a 5 page paper. Students will write in APA format and include a title and reference page. This paper should have a minimum of 5 sources. Words in Bold should be your headings.

Students will develop one Goal for addressing poverty within an at-risk population. The goal should be specific and measurable. (a good framework is SMART goals (Links to an external site.)).
Using a minimum of three sources students will provide three possible or proposed Policy Solutions which have already been explored.
From these three possible policies students will identify the single Best Policy option and explain your rationale.
Based upon one of these policies students will work to develop Policy Improvements or means for implementation. This might mean addressing intersectionality, broadening scope, making a federal proposal one that will work locally (or vice versa), this improvement could also focus on how to get public support for said policy. This does not have to be your own idea. You may find something written by an advocacy group or researcher, etc and support that improvement. Be sure to cite.
Elaborate on your policy proposal by further describing Implementation for Improvement (chose 3 to outline and explain why):
Who would be eligible?
Would your eligibility rules be selective? Universal? Means tested? Who are the intended beneficiaries? The unintended beneficiaries?
What would those who are eligible receive? Intangible or concrete benefits? Limited scope or diversified? Cash? In-kind? Vouchers?
Where and by whom would services be delivered?
Would they be centralized or decentralized? Professional providers, paraprofessionals, or lay?
How would the program or service be financed? Categorical or block grants? Entitlements or discretionary funds? Federal, state or local? Voluntary contributions, general revenues, fee for service, sliding fee scale, matching funds, dedicated tax, prior contribution, private contract?
After working on this project and taking this course, what do you think is the biggest Barrier to Policy Solutions for poverty in the United States (or California if you focused more locally)? What role do you believe your future profession plays in regards to this goal (in what ways do you think change is encouraged or impeded)?

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