Policy Brief on The New York Eviction Moratorium

Hello, for this paper I must write a policy brief on the policy known as the New York Eviction Moratorium. This policy brief must discuss why the policy has become a problem for landlords during Covid-19 pandemic. I have created a page of information to give you an idea of the direction I am heading and answer some questions like what organization I am focusing on. You can find some information on the attachment named ( Policy Brief – Michelle Buckley ) please find more information and use additional references via internet. I have also attached the teachers TEMPLATE ( Template for policy brief – Michelle Buckley ) for the paper – please follow the template.

If you find any information regarding how to better this policy feel free to add that to the paper – You can disregard the letter and advocacy plan located in the file named (policy brief – Michelle Buckley) you will not need to include either of them in this paper.

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