Poem in honor of my Aunty Betty

I need a heartfelt poem dedicated to my Aunty Betty. I’ll give you a back story of the relationship between her and I. She was an Evangelist for pentacoastal denomation, I was raised Baptist and when I turned 18 years old I converted to Judaism. She helped me develop a relationship with God. We we’re always having heated debates about Churches, religion, how a woman should be in society… she’s much older than me I am 21 years old now and she’s 61, we have different views due to the generation gap. Even though they were heated debates she told me she enjoyed them and I also enjoyed them. I am open minded so I love learning new perspectives. My aunt and I would dance together when I was alittle girl, we would eat a lot of unhealthy delicious food. I had a good time with my Auntie always , she was one of my biggest supporters. And I worship her as a godly woman she portray. She is the kindest person anyone can know, she would do anything and everything to help out in everyone situation and I admire how she always did these things , like I said she was the epitome of a godly woman( I would like that be apart of the poem). I was depressed after she died because we had a close relationship, I know she’s in heaven now but I miss my Aunty Betty. Her name is Betty in case you didn’t know. I want high vocabulary words in the poem, I will be presenting this at her memorial.