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0: Word Choice and Tone — Skills Building ExercisesChoosing the best words requires thinking about what you want to achieve and with whom. Do you and your readers know each other, or are you writing to strangers? How well educated are your readers, and what kinds of knowledge can they be presumed to have? How do you want your readers to feel about you, your company, and what you’re writing about?
Adaptation requires asking yourself these question and more. The following sections will help you think through your choices.
Creating Reader-Focused Writing Using the You-Viewpoint
Language as an Obstacle – Avoid Cliches, Jargon, Slang, Euphemisms and Doublespeak
Creating Bias Free Writing
Sentence Length and Complexity
Use of Active and Passive Voice
Selecting Words for Clarity and Precision
Using Plain Words
Managing Paragraph Emphasis and Focus