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Based on the city in which you live or a city that you are very familiar with, can you think of an environmental problem that is seriously impeding the environmental sustainability of your city? Is the problem specifically caused by the urban ‘condition’, or is it related to human activity more generally?
I would like to about Delhi, the capital city of India. It is a large city with an immense population. There are many factories, industries, and small businesses in Delhi that contribute to environmental problems. Delhi has more pollution than any other city in India. The air in Delhi is polluted and people face problems related to breathing.
These pollution problems are the creation of urban conditions and human activities. Delhi city has many congested areas due to the higher volume of population. More and more people prefer to live in big cities like Delhi so they can earn money to survive. Big factories of Delhi also attract people to migrate. Under the urban conditions, while establishing residency areas, many trees are cut down every year. Moreover, Delhi has a large number of vehicles which contributes to air pollution as well as noise pollution because people horn a lot while driving. Dust is another reason behind the pollution in the city. In cold and dry weather dust is at its highest point in the city. Delhi is surrounded by farming states like Punjab and Haryana. To get rid of Paddy stubble fires are used by the farmers which are called farm fires. These fires become one reason behind more pollution in Delhi. Human activities are the main reason behind the pollution in Delhi in general.
In India, the government is trying to transform a lot of cities into smart cities, amongst those cities I would like to talk about Ludhiana. I am quite familiar with this city. Since my childhood, I used to visit my aunt who lives there. So, I can certainly observe major differences by the passage of time. In my childhood around 2005, it used to be so clean and beautiful, without pollution. There used to be so little garbage on the streets and population density was low. However, when the government released their idea to make some cities into smart cities, I observed a huge difference. Mainly, the air pollution levels increased and water purity decreased. Around 2018, Ludhiana was announced as a smart city.
So, it would not be wrong to say that with the development of the city, environmental degradation increased. Another reason can be that when it was announced as a smart city people were excited to move into Ludhiana, leaving behind their own houses in the rural areas. Ultimately, this became a reason for elevation in population density. Technological advancements consequently affected the beauty of the city. If I make a comparison for before and after, there is a humongous difference, which personally I would say because of technology and advanced human activities. As it won’t be wrong to say that due to own human greed, the started deforestation and build buildings which caused degradation in the air purity. Now, the level of air priority in Ludhiana is one of the worst. So, urbanization and human activities both have contributed to degrading the level of air priority and hence affected the sustainability of the city.
Overall, I would say that air pollution is the main concern in today’s world as it is affecting the health of people and impeding environmental sustainability.
I would like to talk about a city where I moved to pursue my education after my grade 10. The city’s name is Bathinda. I have closely observed this city as I lived there for so long. The problem which I observed while living there was environmental degradation. Due to urbanization and Industrialization, I have seen a lot of changes in environment because of that. There are big thermal power plants, which is used for production of electricity. However, it releases a lot of toxic gases which depletes the air purity and increases the pollution toxins in air.
Whenever I used to wipe my face after coming home from outside, I used to see a tons of dust on my handkerchief which was unusual for me as I never saw and experienced anything such in my hometown which is a semi- rural area. This is a proof about the presence of excessive dust particles in air. For me, I would say Human activities have degraded the environment condition in adverse manner. Due to depleting air and water purity, people living there are facing consequences in their daily lives. Humans have become so greedy that for their own selfishness they are cutting down trees without giving attention to climate change or air pollution levels. Thus, Human activities are adversely affecting the nature around the city and rapidly decreasing the and environmental sustainability which is making it difficult for people to survive.
Hello everyone, as we know that environmental problems are becoming a big issue in today’s world because of different activities performed by humans on daily basis. Here I want to mention the biggest environmental problem in the city of my back home country India that is Moga where I spent my all childhood and teenage period. The problem was a poor sewage system due to that all the sewage water was flowing into stormwater drains that pollute the natural clean water, and plants. Also, that sewage water foul smell in all nearby areas that future creates new diseases and humans health got affected. The main cause of this environmental problem in this city is the condition of this area that is poorly designed. For example, blocked water pipes, garbage in the sewage waterway, leakage of water, holes in underneath water pipelines and others. That all things are impacting human health and create water pollution there.