Part B of Global Citizenship Action Plan

To the writer: Part A is a proposal I already written, the proposal is an introduction on what Part B is going to be about, and will be attached in the file section. The proposal has the feedback from the proposal and tells how to improve on Part B. You are required to write Part B. You would need to use the class material provided and you can do additional research. Thank you very much.

Part A is a pitch to get support from the editor to write the story so it must be clear and strategic, compelling and persuasive.

Part B is the final submission:
students will submit an article they deem “ready” to send to the major business journal
the article should reference learnings from the course, materials offered as well as additional research (primary or secondary)
explore additional readings/resources on the topics at the heart of this assignment (leadership communication and global citizenship).
The article can take the form of a:
student focused on global leadership sharing an action plan (personal) for future growth and development to become a global citizen
student focused on global leadership discussing the dimensions of character, communication competencies and commitment needed to develop as global citizen
student questioning the possibility of leading as a global citizenship in today’s context
Suggested readings:
1. unesco global citizenship
2. business leaders as citizens of the world

I am looking to see your engagement with the course and topics (as well as your lived experience).Draw on materials used, referenced, shared. Consider learnings from the class and your classmates.Use your space wisely and ensure you clearly articulate your key messages and back them up.Use best practices in business writing, have a strategy and communicate clearly and persuasively. Success would be publishing the article in a business publication (even at Ivey).The assignment should be a maximum of 1500 words (11-point font and 1-inch margins.)Please fully cite all sources in APA 7th Edition format (See OWL Purdue website).This is an individual grade.

Elements for Grading include:

Degree to which instructions were followed.Demonstrated ability related to develop valuable and relevant content grounded in your learning in class and drawing from lived experience.Clear and strategic organization of content, presentation and engagement of the audience (flow, clarity, actionable).Content and delivery adapted to best engage audience and encourage learning (targeted, engaging, creative, impactful).Language control (well written, understandable, grammar, spelling, structure) and use of best practices.Below are some additional points which may help elucidate graded dimensions.Does Not Meet Expectations (0-3)—–Poor/Needs Improvement (4-6)—–Good (7-8)—–Very Good (8-9)—–Exceptional (9-10)
Audience, Content, Organization and Structure

·Key is Content: credible, researched, grounded, professional, referenced.

·Impact (ability to educate, engage, motivate, compel, be persuasive, memorable).

·Opening/Closing (hook, clarity of speaker/audience, main message clear).

·Structure/Organization/Flow (logical, meets timelines, clarity, points defended, transitions, flow).

·Language Appropriateness (tone, grammar, sentence structure, words, references).

·Techniques Used (humor, creativity, visual aids).

Presentation of Work

·Clarity and understandability in the written word.

·Tools/techniques contributes to/do not detract from the message.

·Compelling, creative, appropriate, authentic, memorable.

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