Organized Crime Worksheet

This assignment (as most assignments) is designed by the UOPX curriculum committee. As such, I don’t really like the “word count” directions they used here-some get confused by it.
The main thing I want you to focus on is answering each and every question thoroughly. And as it says answer each (bullet-pointed) question in less than 350 words, it does not say to answer the entire assignment in 350 words (or less). That means, if you need guidance on minimum word count, you should be writing at least 400-450 words (or more) for the whole assignment to answer each of these rather complex questions. Keep in mind, you will never be penalized in my classes for going over a “recommended” word count, but you will be penalized if you go under, or you don’t answer the question thoroughly.
Thanks for your attention on this!
Respond to each of the following questions with no more than 350 words.
Based on this week’s readings, how would you describe or define organized crime? How would you describe or define terrorism? What are the similarities and differences between the two? Explain your answer.
Based on this week’s readings, what key characteristics and behaviors are associated with organized criminal behavior? Discuss at least two.
An organized crime group can be structured in a variety of ways. One such structure is a bureaucratic structure. Define and explain the bureaucratic organizational structure. Another such structure is a criminal network. Define and explain the criminal network organizational structure. Compare and contrast the bureaucratic and criminal network organizational structures. In what ways do criminal organizations operate on the same principles as legitimate businesses?