Opioid Use in America: The Nurse’s Role

Scholarly Integrated Essay
Scholarly writing communicates original thought, whether through primary research or synthesis, that presents a unique perspective on previous research. In this style of writing, the author is expected to have an opinion on a topic and take a side to an argument. The support of the argument (evidence) must be grounded in research, critical thinking and analysis rather than personal experience or opinion.
NOTE: You may use what you wrote for your annotated bibliography in the scholarly essay; you will just need to connect your evidence to analysis. Additionally, you may either omit sources that you used for your annotated bibliography or add sources to your paper that you did not use in your annotated bibliography.

The scholarly integrated essay must include:
1. Introduction of an issue (thesis statement: should be underlined)
a. Identify an issue of interest and concern to you related to healthcare in the United States.
b. Describe why the issue is of concern to you.
c. Use a specific example(s) from your personal or professional experience to illustrate how this issue is a major concern to you.
d. Use APA 6th edition format for your essay as noted in the syllabus. Include a title page and a reference page.

2. Questions
a. Identify two questions you have about the issue.
b. Answer these two questions using data and research and show the relationship of your answers to the overall argument you are making. Consider any aspects of the two questions that cannot be answered yet and make inferences regarding what significance that may hold in terms of your topic.

3. Affordable Care Act and the American Nurses Association
a. Describe how healthcare reform, specifically the Affordable Care Act, will address your concern.
b. What does the American Nurses Association (ANA) propose related to your concern? (Reference the 2008 article ANA’s Health System Reform Agenda, including the “inverted pyramid” and other information related to your topic.)

4. Role of the Nurse
a. What do you think the role of the nurse is or could be to help solve or address your concern?
b. Use an exemplar that illustrates a program that has been successful in changing nursing practice and/or the specific role of the nurse that resulted in positive change
c. Be creative in thinking about the role of the nurse in the future as it relates to making an impact on your topic
d. Recognize that the nurse’s role has always been to educate and advocate. The challenge is for you to consider what should be done differently in this role to improve patient outcomes. Include the how, what, when and where of the role of the nurse.

5. Conclusion
a. What conclusions do you draw that show the logical connections between all of the
issues you have presented? How can nursing practice evolve/change in light of the research and ideas you present in your paper?

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