Opioid Crisis

Make an outline

Once you have found 4 quality sources and have summarized each of them, you
are ready to construct an outline. My feedback on all of your source summaries is
not necessary for you to complete the outline assignment. What’s critical is for
you to figure out how you will use and organize the information you found from 4
quality sources.
Assignment parameters:
 4 sources must be used
o After finding a total of 4 useful scholarly sources, students will then
use the 4 sources they found to construct an informed outline for
their papers.
 Aim to come up with about 3 pages
o A paper’s outline is generally roughly 3 pages in length (but it could
be longer).
 Include headings and subheadings in your outline
o The outline should contain an overall summary of the paper’s
structure, which must include headings and subheadings that are
anticipated to be used within the final paper.
 Use brief wording within your outline
o Brief wording should be used (not complete sentences)
 Provide in-text citations within your outline
o Within your outline you should provide notations regarding where
various selected sources will be used. Thus, in-text citations should
be included within your outline.
 In-text citations with author(s) last name(s) and year of
publication will suffice under the headings and subheadings of
interest. Include a reference page with all 4 of your sources at the end of the outline.
o What will end up being the paper’s reference page
 your 4 scholarly sources placed in alphabetical order and in
correct APA format
 The reference page must be included at the end of the
outline assignment
o This reference page will likely appear at as page 4 of your outline