the task for the assignment was just to choose only one topic not two and i have chosen the obesity but you did on both obesity and crime and prevalence. I want you now to focus only on obesity.

Write a literature review (1000 words) based on one of the following topics.


Your review should be based on a minimum of three academic sources. Your aim is to summarise the main points of the sources and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments. Follow the steps below
Define your topic. Start with an area that interests you.
Make a list of key words for your search.
Search to find articles and reports that discuss the problem/area you have chosen.
Redefine your topic if necessary and make a new list of key words.
Choose at least 3 academic articles/reports that relate to each other and your topic.
Read your articles, making notes as you go.
Make a plan.
Write your review
Font 11.5
Double spaced
Cover page with title, module code and student ID
Include headings, table of contents, page numbers

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