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You expanded your knowledge regarding health literacy theories. All of you have dealt with health literacy issues with patients in your own clinical practice.
1.Consider the importance of HEALTH Literacy for your patient population or work environment. Address the Significance (5 points) WORK ENVIRONMENT = EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT
2.As an APN you want to conduct a research study addressing Health Literacy in your population. We covered several different philosophies and theories this semester- Theories provide a framework to do research and examine research findings. Choose one that you could apply in your efforts to conduct a study addressing Health Literacy in your clinical practice. Be explicit. (7.5) NURSING THEORY= CRITICAL RACE THEORY
3. Consider yourself a metatheorist- Develop your own theory or change components of the theory you mentioned that would address your own beliefs in tackling Health literacy. (7.5 points)
APA FORMAT required
Minimum of 5 references

1a. Work environment- emergency room or department
2a. Theory- Critical Race Theory

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