Nursing Theory

Please choose any nursing theorist that is presented in this course.
Follow the information below for the PowerPoint Presentation.
Ensure that you follow the grading rubric below.
Title Slide (Title, You Name, School Name, Course Number and Name, Professor Name, Date)
Introduction of the Nursing Theorist (Select any theorist from this course)
Classification of the theory (Grand Theory, Middle Range, Practice Level, etc.).
Discuss the model/concept of the presented theory (theoretical overview).
Applicability to nursing practice (Clinical or Professional Examples)
Implications for Nursing Research (How will this theory advance nursing practice?)
Conclusion (Summary)

Your presentation needs to include all the following:
A. Learning objectives for presentation, a brief background on theorist, and relevance of the
theory in current healthcare 3 points
B. Appropriateness of theory to the role of nurse practitioner & key concepts of theory and applicability of concepts to daily advanced nursing practice and relevance to MSN Essentials
5 points
C. Critique [evaluation of theory’s strengths/weaknesses and discussion of future practice implications 5 points
D. Creativity & organization of presentation (bullet points & excerpts only, slides should not be cluttered or contain lengthy paragraphs/ graphs, statistics and graphics should be included in presentation 2 points

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