NR351: to allow the learner to demonstrate appropriate scholarly writing.

6. This assignment must use the required article and sentences stated in the announcement described above to complete the following items:
a.Reference for the assigned journal article,
b.Quotation with citation,
c.Paraphrased area with citation, and
d.Assigned article summary.
7. Each of required items above is clearly described on the Professional Paper Worksheet Template. Page numbers for resources in the current APA Manual are provided on the template for your use.
8. The Assigned Article Summary that you write must be 175-200 words. The Summary must contain the assigned sentence for quotation and citation as noted in the announcement, the assigned sentence for the paraphrased area with citation as noted in the announcement, several additional paraphrased areas, and appropriately formatted citations. You may also include one more short quotation if you wish.
9. When your Professional Paper Worksheet Assignment is completed, save and close the completed template. Click the Submit button at the top of this page to upload your completed assignment.