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Using data from County Health Rankings, what are the most common reasons listed for mortality and morbidity in the region or city you selected?Using the four outcome measures of: health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic, and physical environment, how are these expressed in the regional area you chose to examine. Select one area in need of improvement. What resources are available to address the problem? What policy would you advocate for to improve the ranking in that area?
How do medical ethical principles play into the role of resource allocation in the county you chose to examine? For instance, often in low income areas there are food deserts or lack of green space to play. Food deserts are a result of market forces that neglect low income areas (Justice, non-maleficence). Lack of green space to play is a reflection of a lack local, state or federal money allocated to parks or bike trails. How do these non-health related decisions (market forces/tax money allocation) play into the prevalence of health-related problems like obesity or heart disease?
Here is the link to county rankings in Minnesota: